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The festival currency


This year the Belluard Festival prints money rather than posters. Belluards can be obtained in May and June through select partners in Fribourg. You can use them to pay for everything at the festival. But beware, the exchange rate fluctuates daily.

Nothing has more impact than a big wad of cash, right?!? This year, rather than launching a promotional campaign, the festival decided to carry out a corruption campaign. Belluards for a total value of 4’000 CHF are being put into circulation during the weeks preceding the festival. This is approximately the sum that would have been invested in a classical poster campaign. This year we are giving this money to our festival-goers. Our partner distributors – restaurants, shops, cultural venues – can be found on our website and social networks. However, the exchange rate between the Belluard and the Swiss franc constantly fluctuates. It will be posted every day on the festival site.

Concept and graphic design René Walker