Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Romain Berger & Augustin Rebetez

(Agiez & Mervelier)

Augustin Rebetez creates sprawling, compelling artistic universes. Romain Berger is a professional tinkerer and noise amateur. They pair up to create an exceptional sound project.

Different recycled materials are reassembled DIY-style and give rise to a whole new world. The two artists have been collaborating for several years on installations and stroboscopic videos. This time they create a dark and caustic performance. A universe wrought of cartilage and permeated by noise and otherworldly voices. It’s a burst of obscure, low-tech energy. The tailored performance takes the viewer into the heart of their eclecticism.

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  • Thu 27.6. 22:30
  • free admission

Artists Augustin Rebetez, Romain Berger


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