Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Bertrand Dubois



Cambium is a multicast installation in the shape of a tree. Wooden cable spools are piled up into a tall trunk which offshoots emitting sounds. They invite the visitor to prick up their ears. Move closer the better to hear and let yourself be gently caught up in the vibe.

The cambium is situated in the layer under the bark of the tree. It is the growth tissue that produces new wood. In this case, it produces something entirely different: sound. This particular organism was created by Bertrand Dubois, artist and craftsman from Fribourg. He assembles wooden spools, cardboard and thermoplastic tubes. The structure generates exhibition spaces and gives rise to interactive musical creations. The artist invites the listener into a low-decibel universe composed of sound pieces that are prepared or mixed in real time. Venture into this contemporary jungle and immerse yourselves in the full range of sounds.

  • Fri 28.6. 18:00 - Sun 30.6. 00:00
  • Tue 2.7. 18:00 - Sat 6.7. 00:00
  • free admission

Concept Bertrand Dubois With the help of François Gendre, Bernhard Zitz

© Bertrand Dubois

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