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Elise Simonet



Elise Simonet creates a card game around the word “converser” (to converse). It is based on a series of conversations she has with different people in Fribourg.

Elise Simonet comes to Fribourg to engage in conversation with the help of a deck of cards. The subject of discussion is people’s relationship to language and bilingualism. These one on one encounters inspire the production of additional cards, created with the help of Léo Gobin. The cards represent symbols, words or drawings. These then fuel further conversations. A never-ending process that invites one to reflect upon the acts of speaking and listening.

The cards as well as the instructions can be borrowed at the festival bar from July 2nd on.

Elise Simonet offers a workshop. More information here.

BBI Production
  • Tue 2.7. 18:00 - Sat 6.7. 00:00

Concept Elise Simonet Card design Léo Gobin Print Belly Ben Grafik & LetterpressStudio Thanks to La Bellone - Bruxelles Coproduction Festival Belluard Bollwerk International

Presented with the support of the French Embassy in Switzerland

Created thanks to a cultural promotion contribution of Encouragement du Canton de Fribourg à la Culture and the support of the Pour-cent culturel Migros

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