Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Burning Spiaggia (...) - Pyre Musik Mïzik

(Genève, Bruxelles)


Burning Spiaggia (...) - Pyre Musik Mïzik is improvised music and projections. Infinite sounds, hazy notes and swirls of percussions in organic, abstract, luminous patterns.

The Estran, or foreshore, is the intertidal part of the shore. It is the zone defined by the highest waves at high tide and the lowest limit of low tide. It is this notion that defines the group’s performative protocol, the governing principle for the evening’s improvisations.
Guitar, violin, percussions, voice and various electronic elements echo each other as the artists improvise classical, minimalist and psychedelic textures. One member of the group projects videos that he creates live. Nothing is pre-composed. The result is above all a collective sensory and contemplative experience.

80 min
  • Fri 5.7. 23:00 - 00:20
  • entrée libre

Artists Zoé Sjollema, Augustin Sjollema, Jony Valado Video Medi Spiegelberg Production Burning Spiaggia (...) - Pyre Musik Mïzik

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