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Social Muscle Club


Social Muscle Club

The Social Muscle Club is a playful training session in sharing and mutual support. With food, music and artistic interventions, we invite you to a cheerful blend of game and celebration.

This year, the festival’s opening ceremony is the Social Muscle Club. It will occupy the entire Belluard fortress. The audience is seated at round tables and play a game of exchanging services. The purpose of the game is to make as many wishes as possible come true by the end of the evening. Massage, music lesson or maths tutoring – here is where you’ll find it! Tasty dishes and tall drinks, speeches, performances and a concert by the Kukuruz Quartett round up a lively evening full of surprises and encounters.

Dress code: gala - but Belluard-style. So feel free and creative!

>> Want to know more? Read the interview with the Social Muscle Club

210 min
en français and in English und auf Deutsch
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Thu 27.6. 19:00 - 22:30
  • 15 CHF



Concept Benedikt Wyss, Social Muscle Club with Marcus Rehberger and Knut Berger, Pascale Bonin, Lea Gessler, Philippe Graff, Sandra Gratwohl, Leon Heinz, Eva Heller, Sophie Krauss, Sandra Lichtenstern, Jesse Inman, Kukuruz Quartett, Benjamin Mathis, Gionata Morganti, Fabio Salerno, Rahel Savoldelli, Christoph Schön, Daniel Wernli Table hosts and hostesses Maxime Barras, Stefania Boggian, Oskar Coursin, Anya Della Croce, Marc De Mont, Laura Gavillet, Eddy Kunz, Mona Iranmanesh, Thierry Jobin, Julien Winckler, Chloé Mezzelani, Alexandre Milan, Basile Mülhauser, Ludovic Sturny, Maurane Sturny, Claudio Vogt With a text by Boris Nikitin

© Nicolas Gysin

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