Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Watch & Talk

Eight young artists from Switzerland and around the world make the trip to Freiburg for the Belluard Festival. Upon the invitation of the Migros Culture Percentage, they share a creative break and experience the entire festival programme. Their mission : discussing what they’ve seen.

This year we welcome

• director and author Leila Ahmadi (Teheran)
• independent theatre creator and filmmaker Piet Baumgartner (Zürich)
• playwright, director and journalist Igor Cardellini (Lausanne)
• actress and visual artist Denise Groesman (Buenos Aires)
• performance artist Carolina Mendonça (São Paulo)
• director Leta Popescu (Bucuresti)
• dancer and choreographer Simon Rwema (Kigali)
• artist, teacher and festival co-director Talaya Schmid (Zürich)


Local coordination Varun Xavier Kumar

watch & talk is a project of the Migros Culture Percentage in collaboration with the Belluard Festival