Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Mardi : théâtre & conférence

19.30 : Brian Holmes

Derive Continentale A travers la Pampa

Extra Muros - Meeting at Belluard

Brian Holmes will deliver a richly illustrated lecture about the project Continental Drift through the Pampa, an encounter with Argentine artists, poets and activists, but also a voyage to the toxic empire of genetically modified soy production. The conference is followed by a discussion. More informations.

20.00 : 2b Company


Ancienne Gare - Aile Est

Récital is made up of stories, texts and songs drafted using a precise protocol: spoken and sung improvisations, no themes nor constraints, transcribed as is, word for word, note for note, withholding nothing and without censorship. More informations.

22.00 : Martin Schick

Not My Piece


How much do we need for our indivual wellbeing? And what is “more” about “less”? More informations.