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AS IT IS - Damir Todorovic


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AS IT IS - Damir Todorovic

As It Is  –  Damir Todorovic


An investigation takes place on stage. The subject is called ‘Damir Todorović’, born in Vršac, Serbia. Damir wants to confront his past, hooked up to a lie detector machine. Did certain things really happen, or are they just the product of his imagination? As It Is examines the categories of true and false as important social issues, especially in European transition countries facing identity crises – a performance about acting in everyday life, truth and fiction, authenticity and totalitarianism. Can we live without lies, or are they desirable?

As It Is will be performed at:
As It Is was performed at:

Concept: Damir Todorović; dramaturgy: Marija Karaklajić; costumes: Dragana Kunjadić for Costume National; with: Valentina Carnelutti, Damir Todorović. Special thanks to Suzanna Scarpa.

As It Is is a production of Belluard Bollwerk International made possoble thanks to a contribution of the Canton of Fribourg  to culture. With the support of: Pour-cent culturel Migros, Fonds culturel Sud.
As It Is
is a project of the contest 2012 <RETOX>.

Image © Charlotte Walker