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Call for proposals

For their Call for proposals 2012, the Belluard Bollwerk International and the Migros Culture Percentage were looking for playful and radical artistic projects dealing with ‘RETOX’. A professional jury selected 5 projects out of 350 applications. These 5 proposals form a heterogeneous palette of autonomous art works. For every artist or artist group the term RETOX triggered something else.

Teatro Ojo proposes that you step into someone else’s skin. Perceptions of “the other” are perhaps little more than phantasmagorias. With Ponte en mi pellejo Teatro Ojo invites audience and passers-by for a radical exercise of immersion in the other and one of self-recognition. 

Keith Lim will literally re-intoxicate, himself, trying to play online video games for 64 hours non-stop. What will happen during such a drastic marathon? 

The theatre company GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN tests how far you can go on a stage. When does bad taste become good again? How much feel-good can we stand? And Britain has talent, but should you really force it? 

Stéphane Montavon, Antoine Chessex & Gilles Lepore show how car tuning reminds us of an era where cars represented freedom and individual power. Motor vehicles today are no longer a symbol of freedom, but rather pernicious for our planet. 

And Damir Todorović hooks himself up on a lie detector to find out if we can live without lies.


Silvia Bottirolli, Giovanni Carmine, Sally De Kunst, Sheila Ghelani, Oliver Schmid, Sylviane Tille, Elke Van Campenhout, René Walker.


Sophia New.

With the support of: Migros culture percentage.