Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Few words of Keith Lim

« I'd love to announce that after 64hours of occupying, playing, chatting, performing, testing, badge earning and clicking, that the Achievement has been Achieved. Victory !!!

After the performance it was straight to bed for 12hours, followed by some food and then another 9 hour sleep. Not only did the festival arrange volunteer nurses for the entire time of the performance, nurses were also present the entire time i was asleep.

The last 2 hours of the performance were especially difficult. I was in a dream like state where reality and dream were merging, and it was hard to trust visual information, such as reading. And worse, i was playing terribly. So i'm grateful that we found the physical limits of this performance, i'm glad it ended when we did. I also felt oddly cleansed at the moment of completion.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who supported me the entire time. I always felt well held, even during the extremes of the durational performance itself.

Major thanks to the entire festival team ! BBI is a glowing example of an extremely well organised, supportive and intelligent festival. From the commission, to performance, to follow through, the entire festival team have worked beyond excellence.

I'll do a more detailed briefing in the next few days.

We'll see how this experiment informs my future projects. My interest in the psychological and social implications of gaming has only been further fed, and the question that have arised, expecially from the public, further build my interest and passion about the motivational power of gaming. But these pursuits will need to be away from web games... for now... »

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