Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Open competition: construction of the SAN KELLER LEARNING CENTER

In relation to the theatre project NOT MY PIECE (postcapitalism for beginners) by Martin Schick we are looking for amateurs and professionals that are willing to present an idea for a realizable construction of the SAN KELLER LEARNING CENTER (opening: summer 2014).

The SAN KELLER LEARNING CENTER will be the first Institute for applied postcapitalisme in the world and is meant to be a place of learning, of innovation, of interaction: a common space for all those people who will have seen the theatre piece NOT MY PIECE.

Premiere: 03/07/2012 at the FESTIVAL BELLUARD BOLLWERK INTERNATIONAL in Fribourg, Switzerland.

You can send send your idea in the form of a draft/ a photomontage/ a scale modell until June 25th 2012 to the adress at the bottom and win 500 swiss francs!

  • Proceedure: OPEN CALL*
  • Deadline: 25.6.2012
  • Prize Money: 500 CHF (Sponsored by Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art)
  • Participation: open to everyone
  • Free Form: draft, drawing, modell, photomontage etc.
  • Jury: the audience of NOT MY PIECE
  • Specification: The piece of land, where the LEARNING CENTER will be built is limited to 80m2; the costs of construction shouldn‘t be more than 10‘000 CHF; projects including sustainability or recycling concepts will be favored.
  • Adress:
    P.O. Box 214
    CH-1701 Fribourg
  • Informations :www.notmylab.org

*OPEN CALL: A method for the outsourcing of business duties to the intelligence of a mass of amateurs, with the advantage, that the dilettante is not only a non-expert, but also brings up a non-conventional approach, a disposition for ongoing improvement and is mainly someone that does something out of an inner interest or out of joy. Or just out of need for the prize money (editor‘s note).