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We need your support for the project THIS BOOK IS GREAT

You've probably already seen that we've been concocting a special project to celebrate Belluard Festival's 30th birthday in collaboration with hundreds of the artists and collaborators that have made the festival so wonderful since 1983.

We're very happy to announce THIS BOOK IS GREAT, a Belluard production by Fribourg artists Martin Schick and François Gremaud. THIS BOOK IS GREAT is a collection of pages from books that have inspired our artists and collaborators over the decades, and will be on sale during the festival at a special Bookshop.

Now we need your help!

We're raising money through We Make It to support the printing costs of the book and make it really beautiful. There are lots of fun rewards to say thank you ranging from a handshake to a steak dinner with Martin and François!

You can support the project from as little as 10 CHF. So show your love for Belluard Festival - have a look at our We Make It page and click on the 'Back this project!' button.