Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Stéphane Montavon, Antoine Chessex & Gilles Lepore

(Bâle / Delémont, Vevey / Berlin & Krakow)


What do an organ player and car tuners have in common? On Sunday afternoon they meet for a unique event where tuned cars — icons of the industrial era, symbols of freedom and individual styling — will amplify the composition for an organ, representing divine power and infinity.

Performance with tuned cars
Home made production
Place du Petit-St-Jean
  • Sun 1.7. 16:00
  • Free

Dramaturgie & field recordings: Stéphane Montavon; direction: Gilles Lepore; composition: Antoine Chessex; with: Alexandre Buergi (AB Electronics Fribourg) a.a.; with the participation of tuners from the region: Club Tuning Fribourg, Street-Addict, Bling team.

  • Bolidage is a production of Belluard Bollwerk International realised thanks to the Canton de Fribourg encouragement to culture.
    With the support of: Pour-cent culturel Migros, Pro Helvetia, Fondation Nicati – De Luze, Fondation Oertli.

    Bolidage is a project of the contest 2012 <RETOX> .

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