Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


The Inspector Cluzo & The FB's Horns


In 2007, the former guitarist and drummer of the deadly funk band Wolfunkind decided to start a new project. Their bass player never showed up at the rehearsals, so they said "fuck the bass player" and started The Inspector Cluzo as an original funk'n'rock duo... without a bass. Now the 2 Musqueteers, renowned as one of the most explosive French live band, hit the stage of the Belluard accompanied by two horns for a meeting between Rage Against The Machine, The Jackson 5, AC/DC and Curtis Mayfield.

Followed By:

DJ Fett


23:30 Belluard

Swiss Premiere
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Sat 7.7. 22:00
  • 20.- / 15.- CHF

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