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Gisele Vienne



Gisèle Vienne's Jerk is based on the chilling text of Dennis Cooper, the author deemed "the most dangerous writer in America". It is a story told from the vantage point of David Brooks, the real life accomplice to Texas serial killer Dean Corll who was responsible for the deaths of more than 25 teenage boys in the early 1970s. Jerk is glove puppet theatre at its starkest, a harrowing journey into the most hidden corners of the human psyche.

Followed by:

DJ Lucio Raggazone


23:30 Kitchain

  • in french
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Fri 6.7. 22:00
  • 20.- / 15.- CHF

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Concept & scenography: Gisèle Vienne; text: Dennis Cooper; music: Peter Rehberg & El Mundo Frio de Corrupted; lights: Patrick Riou; with: Jonathan Capdevielle; recorded voices: Catherine Robbe-Grillet & Serge Ramon; stylisme: Stephen O'Malley & Jean-Luc Verna; puppets: Gisèle Vienne & Dorothéa Vienne Pollak; make-up: Jean- Luc Verna & Rebecca Flores; costumes: Dorothéa Vienne Pollak, Marino Marchand & Babeth Martin; ventriloquy training: Michel Dejeneffe ; translation: Emmelene Landon.

  • Presentation at the Belluard Bollwerk International thanks to: l’Ambassade de France à Berne, l'Institut français.

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